If you’re paying any attention to what’s in the news or on social media, you’ve probably heard about the potential dangers of vaporizers and cartridges.

First there were all kinds of stories about vaporizer batteries that could blow up in your face and seriously harsh your mellow. And now, tragically, we are dealing with a  mysterious illness from cartridge use.

People are checking in to hospitals with significant lung damage. Experts say is similar to the sort of illnesses found in factory workers exposed to dangerous chemicals. Several patients have already died. And the jury is not yet out on what exactly is causing the illnesses.

So Is there a better way to vape? Is there a safer product that is available on the market right now?

Yes, yes there is. And fortunately, it has none of the things that experts say cause problems. No chemicals, no batteries. What is it?


The Genius Water-Free Dab Rig is a sleek new device that allows you to vaporize concentrates like shatter, wax or rosin. All without battery power and without the use of chemicals in pipe construction or in cartridges.

1. What is dabbing?

Dabbing is becoming more and more popular. Particularly in legal markets like California. This allows users to consume concentrated cannabis at middle to high temperatures.

There are many dab rigs for sale in the market today. Many of those products are intended to allow the user to experience the full flavor and potency of cannabis.

It is preferred by cannabis concentrate connoisseurs for its high level of intake and flavor integrity.

2. What is a Dab Rig? 

A dab rig is similar to bongs and is a source of pride for many connoisseurs. Dab Rigs are typically comprised of multiple devices that include various dab tools. These items may include many items such as a water-pipe, a titanium or quartz banger (bowl), a dab nail, a small pick, and a torch.

There are many low-quality dab rigs on the market. Experts generally agree that the ones built around a water-pipe will mask the most important reasons for consuming cannabis; Flavor integrity and potency.

In addition, using a water-based system can be very complicated and involve many steps. Generally, the process of dabbing will look as follows:

1. Fill the water pipe with water

2. Connect a nail to the water pipe

3. Heat dab nail with a torch to the desired temperature

3. Get some concentrate with your pick and bring it close to the nail

4. Inhale the vapors.

5. Dump out the water for travel or to clean.

6. Refill the water and repeat.

For many cannabis or CBD users, that’s just too many steps to deal with to justify the practice. Water-free dabbing, on the other hand,  is way easier. But what is WATER-FREE dabbing?

How is this possible? It is like saying vaping without vapor. Don’t you need water to cool and filter your dab rig?

Well, from the time dabbing was invented, water was used for that exact purpose.

Humans have long known that the greatest effect from cannabis can be achieved at high temperatures, evidence suggests. Today’s dab rigs use borosilicate glass and water as the most efficient way to cool the smoke before breathing it in. But there is another way.


The Genius Water-Free Dab Rig has so many unique qualities that truly make it a genius device.

It uses patented micro-vortex technology to achieve even faster cooling than water. And since Genius does not use water, it is able to deliver the full terpene profile of each strain. That means more authentic flavor and benefit from the plant.

Most unusually, this high-quality device is virtually unbreakable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It could be the last device you ever have to buy. There’s nothing worse than falling or bumping into something with a glass pipe in your pocket. That sort of painful mess can create a stinky, painful mess or worse, land you in the hospital.

The coolest aspect of this new kind of device is that you can clean it in under a minute. Then you can experience an uncompromised experience each and every time you use it. This is a far cry from most dab rigs that build up tar and other impurities. These devices can also develop a foul smell and taste that are nearly impossible to remove.

While the Genius Pipe is intended for tobacco or cannabis, you can now smoke concentrates with this device. It can also be used with dry herb, kief, hash, oils, wax and many other cannabis products. All the while maintaining the same flavor integrity.

You can also accessorize your Genius Water-Free Dab Rig. One additional accessory is called the G-Stone.

The Genius G-Stone is a little ceramic mesh that you can insert into Genius Pipe. With the G-Stone, you can smoke concentrates using only lighter or a wick. No nail and torch needed!

The Genius Experience is unlike any other. It cannot be obtained unless you actually have a Genius Water-Free Dab Kit in your hands. So check out more reviews online and see if you are ready to make a leap into the future. Hint: You are!

Don’t be foolish and put your health in jeopardy. Be a genius. Now and forever.

Are you an artist or do you know a great artist?

Genius is an open platform for artists to gain exposure and opportunities for their work. How? The Genius Pipe is customizable and plenty of art designs are currently adorning these devices for modern consumers. Many of the designs we’ve already selected are an extension of the artists themselves. They convey their essence, taste or world view to the greater community.

Each Genius Pipe Has An Identity.

Each Genius Pipe has a Genius Key hidden inside. This function takes Genius to another level. a This IOT key allows Genius owner to set up a unique social page on the Genius device network that is only for that one pipe. As time passes, the user’s story, images, and videos will go on to create a totally unique portrait. This makes it the most personal device in the world. If a previously owned pipe is given one as a gift, its history, and associated profile can go with it and live on, continuing the legend.

Karma Is Good!

Once you are plugged into the Genius Network, you can sell the content that you create back to Genius for Karma. Owning Karma is rewarding. Accumulating tokens gets you to access to exclusive re-release devices and accessories before they get released to the general public.

Genius CBD.

Genius has also announced the launch of its own CBD line of consumable products. Including our incredibly flavorful and potent CBD dab concentrate. Now you can get 100% safe products from the source you trust.

The Genius Water-Free Dab Rig is intended for use by people age 21 years or older. Genius Pipe Water-Free Dab Rig is intended for legal use only. Genius One encourages the use of cannabis products in states where legalized cannabis is allowed. Browse this website to find more Genius products and information for responsible cannabis usage.

Visit our website and purchase products like the Genius Water-Free Dab Rig and Genius Ppe at GeniusPipe.com.